Masami Kumagiri
Masami Kumagiri
Name Masami Kumagiri
Status Deceased
Age 49
Gender Male
Origin Japan
Affiliations Tokyo Police
Manga Debut Chapter 5
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Masami Kumagiri is an inspector from the Tokyo Police.




Kumagiri hit Kira's car from behind, while he had stopped at traffic lights. Kumagiri blamed Kira for the "accident", telling him he will have to make a bill at his hotel. The woman that was with Kira, told Kumagiri that this was his fault, which angered Kumagiri and he punched Kira, telling him he needs to educate his woman. Kira them apologized and took Kumagiri to the hotel.

Kumagiri liked what he sees inside and commented that they take advantage of people's desires to make some dough, while the public servants like him busts their asses. Kugamiri then took some chips from a customer, making Kira to apologize for his behaviour and then went to play to on a coin machine, but wasn't able to win and blamed the machine for that.

While going to the boss, they met Sophia and Kumagiri mistaken her for high-class call girl and attacked her. Kira tried to stop him, but Kumagiri punched him again, asking him if he was pissed he touched his girl. After that they went to have dinner with Todome, where he saw 2 girls and again went for them, asking if they were his mistress. He then saw Akari, Todome tried to warn him, but Kumagiri didn't want to listen. He pointed his finger at Akari's breasts, calling her flat-girl, and asking her how old she is, but the Akari using hidden blade, cut off his fingers. Todome told him that this wasn't his mistress or secretary, but his bodyguard. Kumagiri got angry and told him he will crush this hotel, but Kira told him that seems difficult. Then he showed him a picture of him attacking Sophia and telling him that she is the fiancée of Mr. Corado, Runover's right hand man, and asked him if Tokyo Police wants to go on war with the italian mafia. Kodama then showed up behind Kumagiri and attacked him, making him spine showing from behind, and then pushed his head down. Kodama then commented that he looks like a turtle now.

Todome then asked everyone to leave, Kumagiri asked for a doctor, but Todome told him that is too late now. He then told him, he must be happy to be able to taste such cuisine for his last meal. Todome also told him, that since he is a dying man, he can talk with him about his private life, since nothing will leave the room and then proceeded with the conversation of his choice.

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