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Name Park
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Origin Korea
Manga Debut Chapter 4
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Park is korean man, who was dealing with weapons. He got Runover's attention, after started selling much cheaper Kalashnikov's and later was killed by Runover, after his assassination attempt failed.




Park's men started selling real Kalashnikov's for 200$, while Runover was selling manufactured in Romania for 1000$. That quickly got Runover's attention, who disposed Park's man, Il-Myong. Later Park send out few men to kill Runover for revenge, but they failed the job and ended up dead instead.

Park was later seen with the rest of his men, who reported the success of the assassination of Runover. Park hoped they weren't followed, but his man stated they went in different direction than the rest, so they couldn't be followed. Moments later Runover came out from the elevator together with Kodama and Kira to the surprise of Park and his men. Park's men quickly attacked Runover, but he quickly killed all of them. Then he shot Park in the legs and the shoulder, to bring him to the ground, telling him he deserve to die in pain and ran him over and killed him with his wheelchair while his wheel had multiple blades around them.