Name Runover
Kanji ランオーバー
Romanji Ranōbā
Status Alive
Age 31
Gender Male
Height 193cm
Origin Italy
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Runover (ランオーバー, Ranōbā) is member of the Mafia from the city of Naples, Italy. A part of the Sione family. Nicknamed Runover ever since he executed a traitor with his highly sophisticated wheelchair. Impatient and cruel, he respects pride and aesthetics. He's held in high esteem by those close to him. Runover uses many weapons but his choice of sidearm is a Beretta M92F.




As a child, Runover often played football with his childhood friend, who later became a famous professional footballer. Many years later as a young man, Runover was crippled in an explosion set by a traitor in his organization, Bruno. During this time, people distanced themselves from him, and Bruno was said to have even laughed. Bandaged and crippled, Runover waited for Bruno to appear for Sunday Mass at his local Church. When Bruno saw Runover waiting for him, he tried to flee in his Ferrari, however Runover punched through the car window, grabbing Bruno by his head and pulling him out the car. As Bruno desperately tried to justify himself, sobbing like mad, Runover savagely attacked him, mutilating him with a machete-type cleaver before running over him with the wheels of his first wheelchair, secretly heavily customized to have retractable blades upon the wheel edges. Since that day, his name became Runover. He still keeps the old style of wheelchair as an emergency backup. (This story is not well known, as Kira initially tells a very differant story of Runover killing the traitor with his high tech wheelchair and a blaze of bullets. The story is enough to make even the cold and calm Runover nearly burst into laughing before correcting him.)

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