Name Sophia
Status Alive
Gender Female
Height 170cm
Origin Italy
Affiliations Sione Family
Manga Debut Chapter 5
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Sophia is an italian woman and fiancée of Mr. Corado, the right hand man of Runover from Sione Family.




Sophia was seen inside Onsen Hotel, where when she saw Kira, she thanked him, since she was having fun time in the hotel. Masami Kumagiri who was together with Kira, mistook her for a high-class call girl and attacked her. Kira tried to stop him, but Kumagiri punched him again, asking him if he was pissed he touched his girl. Before going to his boss, Todome, Kira apologized to Sophia about the accident, but Sophia told him to not worry and asked him if he was okay.

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