Stinder Gen Norasin
Stinder Gen Norasin
Name Stinder Gen Norasin
Kanji スチンダー・ゲーン・ノラシン
Romanji Suchindā Gēn Norashin
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Origin Thailand
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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Stinder Gen Norasin (スチンダー・ゲーン・ノラシン, Suchindā Gēn Norashin) is a Thai hitman and quite skilled in Thai martial arts. He is lover and partner of Salitt Po Puramuk. They tend to use a lot of perfume, so they have strong odor that most people dislike. They accepted a mission to kill Runover, but someone tipped them off and were killed by Kira & Kodama.




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